What type of file should I use?

Our awesomely talented graphics team individually polishes every order for production and we do our best to catch any issues with low resolution photos.  

Here's the deets:

In order to ensure the highest quality printing, please submit art with a minimum of 1500px square and 1MB. The higher resolution you submit, the better. 

A bit more about designing...

There are 2 different spectrums of color, one for things that are viewed on a screen (RGB) and one for things that are actually printed into the real world (CMYK).  Not every color on the RGB scale is available on the CMYK scale.  When designing on the computer/iPhone you must make sure you are using colors that are on the CMYK scale.  Please keep this in mind when submitting photos.

There are also many variables when it comes to photography. Pictures taken of the same subject on the same camera or phone can turn out very differently when viewed on a screen (as mentioned above) vs. on a piece of fabric. Pictures can have varying sharpness depending on the natural or non-natural light. Reflections come into play here as well. Depending on if the user taps a part of the subject on their iPhone screen changing the focus of the picture....this can also have an impact on how sharp the image is. Sharpness and image quality are definitely two very different things and are not equal.  Please keep in mind how sharp your image is when submitting photos.  A high resolution photo can still be low quality.


Have more questions on if your image is good enough? Or how it will look on the finished product? We can help!  Hit us up!  help@yoshirt.com


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