Why can't I make cool looking designs on your app?

We have a bunch of exciting updates for Yoshirt rolling out over the next few weeks, including several new creative tools. So look for those coming soon!

However, you can also upload artwork you have created in other apps. Some of our favorite creative apps come from the 99centbrains family (the mastermind behind Yoshirt): Okjux and CybrFM. These are great photo editing tools to make cool art that you can upload to Yoshirt. Also check out other 99centbrains photo-editing apps. There are dozens of unique ones that allow for all types of artistic creation! 

If your frustrated getting the design in your head to work out on the item you desire, shoot us a message help@yoshirt.com and we'll help you make your cool design ideas a cool reality! We have hints and tips that we love to share!

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