Design Class 1YO1 : Tools & Help



Stickers & Background Tool: 

This tool button will allow you to add awesome pre-made stickers or backgrounds from our Yoshirt Collection. 


Text Tool:

This tool will let you add text to your design. After creating a layer you can move that layer by ONE tap on the image.

After tapping once you will have the layer selected and will be able to move it. 

Once the layer is selected tapping the pencil icon on the toolbar text will allow you to edit the layer.

You can edit the Font type, size, and color of a text layer.

IMPORTANT NOTE *You will not be able to move the layer while editing the text*


Photo Tool:

This tool will allow you to add a photo from your library or take a new photo for the design. 




Photo Fill Tool:

Select this tool to use a photo as a pattern fill for your design. Select The diamond shaped icon for kaleidoscope mode which will give your image an awesome kaleidoscope effect.




Color Tool:

Once this tool is selected the Yoshirt color spectrum will appear on the toolbar. You can scroll right on the color spectrum to see all the available colors and make the selection you wish!


General Layer Options:

X : Deletes the selected layer

Downward Arrow: Sends the selected layer behind any other layers

+ :  Duplicates the selected layer

Circled Arrow: Flips the selected image so that is mirrored

Pencil: Allows you to edit the selected layer

Check Mark: Saves the selected layer  


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